Friday, April 07, 2006

Rocky Road

Well, I’ve finished my first week of this semester’s classes. I must say, it was a rather rocky road getting here. Last semester I finished ASL (American Sign Language) 201, so this semester I signed up for ASL 202. A week later I got a phone call saying that 202 had been cancelled because not enough people signed up.

My only other option if I wanted to enter the interpreter’s program next fall was to take ASL 250--an accelerated class that is 201 and half of 202. I do not want to take an accelerated program, I do not want to repeat 202, and I do not want to have classes twice a week, on nights that are bad for me.

Then I found out that ASL 250 was full. Suddenly all those problems weren’t nearly as bad! ;-) If I didn’t get into one of those classes then I would be set back nearly a whole year. Well, the school agreed to let those of us who were signed up for 202 into the full class. The teacher wasn’t happy. We weren’t terribly happy.

We showed up at the very overfull class. The teacher asked us if we would like to be in ASL 251 instead--the next class up. “Yes!” Six of us went tromping exuberantly over to another classroom and the poor teacher about had a heart attack when she looked up some fifteen minutes after class had started and found six of us standing in the back. LOL But when she heard the story she was happy to take us. We were happy, too! So instead of repeating a whole class, we are skipping half a class.

Surprisingly, though, so far I haven’t noticed anything that those of us who skipped up don’t know, but that the rest of the class has learned. In fact, it’s been the other way around. Of course, we are only two classes in, but so far so good.

AND because this is accelerated, I will not have to take any ASL classes this summer! I was planning on taking Deaf Culture this summer, but I quickly signed up for it and added it this time so my summer will be completely free. But now I’m taking eight credits and attending classes three nights a week. So I’ll be quite busy!

Thank You, Lord, for working this all out.

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purple_kangaroo said...

I'm glad it worked out. So, can I expect to not see much of you this semester? Or are you going to force yourself to take breaks?