Monday, February 13, 2012

A2Z Take 2: Fun with Any Better

Several years ago, the FaithWriters weekly challenge topic was "spring." Some of you who have been FWers for a long time may remember this story, but it's funny enough to bear repeating. As I was working on my story, I posted on the message boards that I couldn't decide on a name for my main character.

My friend and the challenge coordinator, Deb Porter, teased me by putting a list of long and archaic female names to be "helpful." When I pointed out that my character could actually be male, she put an equally funny list of unhelpful male names and asked, "any better?"

The story would have ended there if she hadn't added, "(uh, that last one wasn't a name.)"

Well, after that I just had to write a story about a guy named Any Better. I also used every single name on Deb's list and the spring topic in two different ways. Since I did so many plays on words, I decided to make a radio drama out of it. I recorded myself doing each of the voices and even added sound effects, then put it all together. (One of my bucket list dreams is being a voice in an animated movie.)

Here it is. Enjoy! 

(If the embedded file doesn't work, then try this link: Any Better recording.)

Oh, and on a related f-post, I will have been a member of FaithWriters for seven years in a couple of months. They've been incredibly instrumental in my writing career. You can read more about that in my F post from the first A 2 Z meme.

As always, check out more "F" posts at, or feel to join the meme yourself.


Shelley Ledfors said...

The embedded file didn't work for me but the link did. --How cute! Very creative! :-)

Barbara Lynn Culler said...

Same for me- the link worked. How fun- sounds like you were enjoying yourself!

Jean Wise said...

You certainly could work on radio. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to you too. Fun post

Sandy Wells said...

That was so much fun! Loved it.

Niki Turner said...

My pesky satellite bandwidth internet limits keep me away from the link, but the idea of a character named Any Better cracks me up.
My parents did actually know a gentleman whose name was Will Try Harder. Ouch.

Jay said...

Amusing, Amy. Me and my friend, when we were young, used record our voices. We did a ficticious news cast. I'd be fun to create a cartoon.