Monday, October 31, 2011

A 2 Z: Xacwihlas (The Twining)

I wrote this story months ago as the third installment of fantasy stories of Kira's Saga. You can read "Kira's Challenge" here and "Lakira's Life" here, but this story is stand-alone enough that you don't need to read the others in order to understand it.

Xacwihlas ("The Twining")

Kira ran a hand down the softness of her gown, her heart soaring as high as the sky that mingled with the blue of her dress. Her little sister and mother fussed around her, but she did not hear their chatter, did not bother with their last-minute fluttering. For she was ready. Ready in her heart, where it mattered most.

Finally they let her free of the encumberments that held her away from him. Away from her love.

She stepped out of the hut. His eyes drew hers like magnets and she latched on. Her heart would burst any moment, exploding to send her careening in wild fragments to the sky, to the heaven that had created this match.

Her feet moved toward him. Faster, faster, she wanted to fly, but her sister traipsing before her forced Kira to slow. The child’s hands move delicately, dancing to music Kira did not hear; her heart sang a song of its own that filled her.

Yet the song was not a solo, for many other melodies flowed into it from around her. Her friend Sylan beamed, and ducked her head shyly toward her own young man. Pazayita’s baby gurgled and reached a chubby hand to brush the silky threads of rainbow colors that drifted about Kira’s head.

Mikot was waiting. Waiting, draped in a soft brown that matched his eyes. They would be the touching of sky and earth, and where they met the sun itself would explode in fiery glory of love. Together they would rise to march across time in a brief arch of history.

She stood before him and now had to open her ears. It was not hard, for her heart already beat in time to the melody of his voice.

“Te etqesia avon Tytagvan Xacwihlas, u tiiy ah.” His promise was beautiful, perfect. “The Creator has granted us union, so I pledge before Him that I will walk beside you through our life, though it bring plenty or famine, safety or danger, strength or weakness.”
Kira’s voice echoed his words, not lessening in the repetition, but strengthening with the union.

The family surrounded them, each holding a ribbon of color. They danced, weaving in and out to create a tent around the couple, formed of individual strands interconnected to form a whole.

Mikot reached out a hand and Kira met it, their fingers intertwining as they spoke in unison. “And so as blessed by the Creator, I will walk with you and only you, as long as breath shall fill my lungs, we shall be one.”

As always, check out more "X" posts in the "From A 2 Z 4 U & Me" meme starting on Tuesday at I'm curious to see what my creative friends come up with for this difficult letter!


Barbara Lynn Culler said...

Love the colorful descriptions!

Shelley Ledfors said...

Nice, Amy. I remember the other part that went with this. I agree with Barb...lovely descriptions!

Diana Lesire Brandmeyer said...

Your descriptions are great!

Melissa Henson said...

Thanks for sharing. Since I'm new, this is my first time to enjoy your writing. I will check out the others as well.

Em said...


Laura Elizabeth said...

That was lovely! I really liked the descriptions, and how it said that they were like the meeting of the sun and the earth. Thumbs up, Amy!

Rita Garcia said...

I loved the ribbons weaving a covering! Your words beautifully painted this wonderful story. Hugs!

Niki Turner said...

Such romance!! LOVELY!
You fantasy writers have it easy... you can make up words. : )
Keep at the keys, girl, you have a gift!

Laury said...

Very good, Amy!