Tuesday, September 16, 2008

8 random things about me...

Lori at Persevere tagged me with this fun MeMe.

Eight Random Facts About Myself:

1. When I was little I had an imaginary twin sister named Jamie.

2. I love to do dramatic readings with all the voices (yes, I hear voices in my head!).

3. When I was young I thought crutches were the coolest thing ever and I hoped I’d break my leg so I got to use them. It started when my older sister had to use crutches and a removable cast for a while. When she recovered, the crutches were returned but the cast stayed and I loved to put it on and hobble around the house.

4. I can mimic whistling songbirds.

5. I can copy pretty much any accent I hear, but the Australian accent is harder for me to keep.

6. I love languages and culture. I started creating a fictional language and culture when I was twelve (someday I’ll write the book that goes with it) and today I’m fluent in two languages (English and American Sign Language) and know a smattering of a third (Spanish).

7. I am easily amused. I generally don’t mind people laughing at me because, hey, what they are laughing about IS funny, haha!

8. I’m a little face blind--that is, I have trouble telling people apart. This means when I’m watching a movie with a lot of characters, I have to keep asking, “Which character is that?” And if it’s a Who Dun It and the face of the bad guy finally pops on the screen, everyone gasps… except me. “Um, which guy was that?”

In real life it means I’m always running up to someone and then as I get close suddenly pretending I was waving widely at the person behind them, because it wasn’t who I thought it was. Or the most embarrassing is when a stranger asks me to save a chair for them and then when someone comes up to use the chair I’m not sure if it’s the person I’m saving it for or if I need to say, “This seat is taken.”

Just this weekend I was at a Deaf event talking to a friend and another lady when I spotted someone across the room and said, “Hey, look! There’s *insert name of well-known interpreter*!” My friend and the other lady looked at the person and looked at me, then looked at each other. My friend says to her, “It’s okay. Amy just gets a little…confused sometimes.” LOL

Now I have to tag eight blogger friends to do this game...
1. Joanne
2. Laury
3. Josh
4. SisJ
5. Purple Kangaroo
6. Jules
7. Jan
8. Kasha Sue


Joanne Sher said...

Love these, Amy! I've actually already been tagged for this game, though - here's mine if you wanna read :D (oh, and you forgot that you can get lost absolutely ANYWHERE hehe)


Lori said...

Amy, great! I really admire that you're fluent in sign language. I can watch someone sign for hours...especially signing to a worship song.
God bless you!!

purple_kangaroo said...

LOL, I remember a bunch of this stuff.

Josh said...

I liked the one about you wanting to break your leg so you could sue crutches. The face blind thing is funny too. At least you have a good sense of humor about it. It's nice when we can laugh at our quirks and embrace them rather than being embarrassed by them. Thank you for sharing your fun list. :)

Laury said...

Amy, I gave you something to write about. Go over to my blog and see. :)