Saturday, August 25, 2007

Birds and tumblers and giggles

Today we went out to Chrissy’s favorite place. It’s a lovely walk along Hawkesbury River. I saw a number of birds that are very colorful and pretty, plus a cute sparrow just like the ones we have at home. ;-) We stopped at Gloria Jeans--a coffee house chain. I had a some hot chocolate. It’s a bit different than US hot chocolate--less rich and less sweet. It was very nice, though. I also discovered that what we in the US call a barbeque, they call a webber, and they often call bikes "push bikes".

After lunch Norm and I went to a small circus that has stopped nearby. The animal acts weren’t very exciting, and the animals weren’t very enthusiastic except for one monkey who thoroughly enjoyed his flips and handstands. However, the people’s acts were great. One of my favorites was a sort of Three Stooges type tumbling act. It was also a lot of fun when a six of the gymnasts’ young girls and toddlers came out and did a few tricks.

Chrissy had a rather hard evening--very painful. But she took one of her higher pain killers and now she’s quite giggly, lol.

Tonight Norm and Chrissy’s son, Ken, joined us for dinner and we ate outside with a fire in the outside wood burning fireplace. We made a late birthday cake for me, and then, apparently in Siggee tradition, Norm and Ken sang a very low, off-key rendition of happy birthday while Chrissy and I giggled.

Now Chrissy and I are sitting side by side, working on our laptops and chatting, hehe.


yeggy's tropical yard said...

Great to hear tht you are having such a good time, Amy. One word on the food allergies, let the airline know and they will accomodate any special food requirements that you might have.

Deb said...

Sounds like you're having a nice, gentle introduction to Australia. :-) Gloria Jeans hot chocolate is okay. You just have to put sugar or sweetener in it, and a marshmallow (voice of experience speaking).

The whole circus thing isn't my cup of tea, so not surprised about the lethargic animals. They're probably bored senseless.

And barbeques are really called barbeques. Webber is just the brand. I think if people own a Webber, they call it that. But those of us who don't, just call it a barbie or barbeque. :-)

Anyway, enjoy the peace and quiet of Windsor. It's a very pretty part of Sydney.

Love, Deb