Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm in the Newspaper!

I'm in the newspaper!

The article about me and Peculiar People is out in my local paper today! It's just a few paragraphs of a column, but still way cool. I showed the article off to all my classmates and teachers at school today. I'd hand them the paper and it was fun to watch their faces as they glanced at it with a puzzled look and then lit up when they saw my name. My ASL teacher especially got excited.

If you’d like to read the article, go to and in the right-hand column click on the “Bits and Pieces” Feb. 14th article under Arts and Living, “Lost star helps jewler find profits”. Then scroll down the page (to right under the advertisement picture) to find the sentence: A collective effort. The article starts there. For some reason it won’t let me link directly to the article.

I had a good day at class today. I had a sign language presentation to do that was a bit difficult and had lots of finger spelling, but I actually did my finger spelling fairly smoothly and got a compliment from a class mate saying how much I had improved on my signing skills.

This afternoon I'm going to start my weekly volunteering at a school. I'm excited, but also nervous about my language skills.

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Daniel said...

Amy, congratulations on the newspaper article! I imagine that is quite exciting. You don't know me...I found you while searching for a poem. I'm in a class called Oral Interpretation, in which we perform various works of literature. My next presentation is a poem, and I have been searching for one that I would enjoy performing...

I found your poem I Await, and the essence is pretty much exactly what I was looking for! There is a catch, of course. Anything I perform has to have been published. So I was just wondering if it had been published...And if it has, would you mind if I did perform it in my class?

Thanks for your time!