Saturday, December 16, 2006

Made it!

PAH! I made it not only through the first semester of SLIP (Sign Language Interpretation Program), but more to the point, through the eight finals of the last week and a half. I got most of my grades back today and did fine on everything, even my bane, fingerspelling. PTL! Thank you all for your support.

Over my three week break I have quite a bit planned. One of my goals is to get some of my old stories that are laying around submitted to some paying magazines. Confession time. I'm scared of writing cover letters! Hehe. Well, I've been brave and actually have sent out two stories already. It'll be a few months before I hear back.

I'll also be doing quite a bit of Peculiar People stuff. This week I'll be giving the final touches to Struggle Creek, then it will be ready to send off for the final edit and formatting for publishing. Last weekend I got to see the oil painting a friend is doing for the cover of the book and I was very pleased with it. It's exciting to see everything coming together! The next PeP project, the Heirloom Chronicles, is not only in the works, but I actually have all the authors lined up and we are beginning work on writing. I'm working with seven other very skilled authors and am thrilled with how things are coming together.

Of course this break also means that I'll be doing office work again, as well as some deep house cleaning. I'll be doing practice groups with some of my classmates, also, so we don't get setback at all by the winter school break.

Hope this finds you all well. My blog is feeling a little lonely here, between me not posting much and ya'll not commenting much. ;-)


purple_kangaroo said...

I'm so glad your finals went well! Sounds like you have some fun things planned for the break.

Douglas_Coombs said...

OK, if it will make your blog feel less lonely, here's a comment. I hope it feels better liked now.

Say "Howdy!" to the family for me, please.


MommyHAM said...

I've been a bad reader! So here's to livening up this place a bit!

As for cover letters - that is my area of expertise - or so I'm told. Feel free to pick my brain on yours anytime!

Yay for good finals, hurrah for break. I'll be joining you as a student, though for different studies, next month. See ya on the flip side!

Merry Christmas!