Friday, September 08, 2006

A hair off on the eyes.

As many of you know, I’m in my mid-twenties and I don’t have my driver’s license. This is because of numerous reasons, but primarily because I often feel too sick to drive, and because it’s more fun to write than it is to go driving. ;-)

This morning I went in to take the written test. Washington State’s driving test is one of the hardest in the US. They have questions like what the exact about of the fee for parking in a disabled spot without a permit ($250), and how many feet you should follow behind a school bus. I’m bad at remembering numbers.

However, I passed just fine!

The funny part came when I looked in the little black box for my vision test. There were four rows of a line of three rectangles, each containing a sequence of letters. The first row was blank. She asked me to read line 2. I read her all the letters in the second and third rows.

She told me there was another line. I looked. Nope. No more letters in line 2. We discoursed rather confusedly back and forth, her telling me to try moving my head around, etc. Finally she realized what I was saying, “The first row is blank.”

Quite firmly, “No. It’s not blank.”

We look at each other for a minute. Then a light seems to dawn on her. “Do you have vision problems with your left eye?”

Duh. “Oh. Yeah. I’m 20/400 in my left eye, and 20/20 in my right eye.” I hurry to add, “But my vision with both eyes is 20/20.” I grimace, “Will I have to get a contact before I can get my license?” I hate contacts.

She kinda grins. “No, it’s okay. You just need to tell me if you are blind in one eye.”

So, after the test, Dad and I decide to each get our hair cut. Dad took me to the place he goes to get his hair cut. (clue #1) He said they were really cheap. (clue #2) My hair cutter (salonist? Hair dresser?) couldn’t speak English well. (clue #3) I asked her to cut my hair straight across--she turned it up in the front. (clue #4) I had also asked her to give me a slight fringe of bangs. She forgot. (clue #5)

Now, after all that, one would think I would decide to get bangs somewhere more trusted, next time I got my hair cut. Right?

You would think.

She seems to have cut a random triangle of bangs in the middle of my head. No, I take that back. It’s not in the middle. It’s sort of off to the right side. After she was done, I tried to pull back part of my hair as I normally do, and it was blatantly clear that Something Was Wrong.

I showed her, and she took me back and cut a bit more of the other side. Now there were two triangles. Kind of. It was clear that she wasn’t going to fix my hair. I left. I didn’t tip her.

Uff da.


Wren said...

I don't blame you.

And yay! about the test!

Mid Stutsman said...

Amy...aren't you glad hair grows so fast!!??? Not to worry...and congrats on passing the test!

Jezzy said...

Oy vey what a day! But hey, it's great to have your license! Now you can drive to visit me ;)

BTW - I'm too lazy to sign in. :P

purple_kangaroo said...

Congrats on passing the written test. When do you have your road test?

Sorry you got a bad haircut! I gave both of the girls haircuts this week, and neither one turned out quite the way I'd planned (especially since M&M kept insisting she wanted hers shorter--I liked it better the first way I had it, LOL). At least hair grows fast.

MommyHAM said...

My sister is 19, also in WA(Seattle), and no driver's license...perhaps you can give her some study hints? ;-)

As for the hair....hoo boy. That's why I've taken to splurging every 8 (I wish more) weeks and going to a salon of repute :)

Karen said...

How funny; the very same thing happened to me last time I took the eye test for my driver's license. Both of my eyes are bad, but my right eye is worse. I didn't even see the line. She kept telling me to raise my head, press the machine again, and try again. Do this, do that. Finally, she said, "Oh, you have to use BOTH eyes." Well duh, as soon as she told me that, I knew what was going on!